Danish Event Manager occupies New York


Iværksætteren aka. The Entrepreneur in Denmark kindly wrote an article about our New York-launch and creative methods of managing events and artists. It’s in Danish, so we translated, so you can read it in English as well:

“Danish Event Manager occupies New York

Simple catering and venue booking is not enough. If a company wants to get an event planned, more needs to be done. On December 10, Ida Krøll therefore launched her business EVENTLAND, which is a creative and international event and artist management agency based in New York. From her headquarter she creates events in Copenhagen, New York or a completely different city.

Ida Krøll, who is educated in performance-design at Roskilde University, wants to differ from the traditional event agency by combining event management, performance-design, PR and artist management. She is already known in New York for innovative events in areas such as green energy. 

EVENTLAND’s goal is to provide her client with extra value. Whether it’s exposure, revenue or to write new history, and it’s precisely in this area that catering and venue booking are not sufficient. With EVENTLAND Ida Krøll visualizes the client’s values in the event itself!”

Read the article in Danish here.

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