EVENTLAND LLC is an Event Planning and Production Company providing expert planner services mainly in New York City, Atlanta, and Copenhagen. We coordinate innovative and successful small and large-scale events, conferences, and celebrations for our trusted clients. Our team is specialized in every planning tool necessary to create a remarkable event. We further operate flawless speaker, vendor, and sponsor handling. The “wow” factor and the “flow” of the event are significant key-factors when we produce event-tastic experiences for you and your guests!



Hosting a small or large-scale corporate event can heighten your sales rate, result in new client relationships, and keep your employees motivated. We want to make your corporate event an extraordinary experience for your guests. Do you want us to turn your office space into a magical forest? Do you want it to snow outside on a sunny day? Or are you dreaming of impressing guests with a beach party on a nearby rooftop? Only the sky is the limit for our imagination and capabilities.


Our team will successfully plan and produce your conferences or expo for thousands of attendees. We will take excellent care of venue booking, logistics, AV, lighting, catering, furnishing, decor, branding, registration, speaker, sponsor and booth handling. We know how much every detail means to you and we will do our part to create a flawless experience.


Hosting an award, summit, fundraiser, educational, or awareness event can be extremely time-consuming when you are trying to fundraise and build your brand at the same time. Our team gives you peace of mind. First, we get to know you! Your brand is the foundation of the event and we want your event to be a mind-blowing experience for you and your guests. We love to think out of the box and create memorable special events reaching your goal to the fullest.


If it’s a new fragrance, an iPhone App, or a new car on the market: we organize launch party, fashion event, or pop-up-shops in new and innovative ways. We want your guests to experience what you have achieved. We want to integrate your products and services in their lives, so they will share the experience with their offline and online networks. We want them to know that you are where they want to be!


Our team visualizes your dream event. We make the impossible possible. Our creative minds have no borders. We are educated and experienced in planning breathtaking weddings, fun birthday parties, and cute baby showers. We love to develop surprising and creative themes, which will make your guests talk about your event long after. We believe that celebrations bring inspiration, friendship, and love to life.

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